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9th District 51 Annual Convention
PanSea KL2002

PanSea KL2002
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Souvenir Program - Advertisement rates

Is this just another souvenir program, eventually left on the shelves to gather cobwebs, or to be dog-eared with frequent use?

Aptly named "One World", the KL2002 handbook, while it captures the essence of the Convention, comes with a difference.   This richly bound 100-page volume, is designed as a treasury of resources for elocution.  It is intended to inspire and to encourage a proliferation of speech ideas.   "One World", is dedicated to excellence and to unify the invaluable contributions by toastmasters globally.

We offer you this unique opportunity to be part of this tapestry, to be woven into the fabric of timelessness.   As a sponsor or advertiser, you can stamp your mark in the following categories:-

  Advertisement rates:



1.    Back Cover, Colour


2.    Front Inside Cover, Colour

     RM  8,000.00

3.    Back Inside Cover, Colour

     RM  6,000.00

4.    Full Page, Colour

     RM  2,000.00

5.    Half Page, Colour

     RM  1,200.00

6.    Quarter page, Colour

     RM     700.00

7.    Full Page, Black & White

     RM     800.00

8.    Half Page, Black & White

     RM     500.00

9.    Quarter page, Black & White

     RM     300.00

10.  Classified Advertisements per column

     RM     100.00


Conditions for Advertising:

1. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement without giving any reasons
2. All advertisements must conform to the Malaysian Advertising Act
3. All publications shall be in accordance to Toastmasters International Code of Ethics and Conduct

Contact:         LeAnn Tang,   Tel:  603-90594812  email:
                      Jon Tan           Tel:  012-2173511   email:
                      Ronnie Leong  Tel:  018-8272277   email:

Tourism Malaysia

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LloydWest Sdn Bhd

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lawrence Walter Ng

PENAC Group Sdn Bhd

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Palace of The Golden Horses,

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