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9th District 51 Annual Convention
PanSea KL2002

PanSea KL2002
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Getting More Out of District 51Toastmaster Conferences
by John Lau , DTM

Toastmasters Conferences offer unique opportunities for professional and personal growth.

Perhaps the most important consideration for you is "What will you get out of the experience." If you just passively attend you deny yourself much of the real value. However, if you think about what you can do to get more out of the programs, speakers and attendees (as well as your own thought process); and then actively participate, you will multiply your personal benefits. You are responsible for most of what you get out of any conference. If you actively participate, you will become more informed and more enthusiastic. Here are some helpful hints for getting more out of our District conference communication and leadership forum.

  •  Set goals. Develop a list of personal goals; it will help you focus. These goals can be oriented toward quality, professional growth, and interpersonal relationship skills and experiences.
  • Participate! Ask questions. Comment. Make contributions. Be visible. You'll benefit at least two ways. First, your mind will start working on information, ideas, problems and solutions. Second, the speakers and attendees will contribute to finding answers for you. (Don't overdo it. Be relevant and don't monopolize any individual's time.)
  • Develop an action plan. Make a list of anything you want to consider doing differently when you get back to your business, your family and your club(s). This should help you visualize tangible benefits.
  • Become involved with running the conference. It's a great way to learn another process and to meet other people. For many people it is easier to introduce themselves and start a conversation with others when speaking on behalf of Toastmasters.
  • Develop a list of questions. Think about specific issues you want addressed by the seminar speakers.
  • Enjoy yourself. You can learn more when you are having a good time! Take care of yourself physically. Eat properly. Get adequate rest.
  • Take clear notes. Notes help you organize your thoughts, keep you more involved and will be helpful for future reference. Take notes right the first time. Few people actually take time to rewrite notes later.
  • Write a brief report or briefing based on your notes. Circulate it to anyone who might be interested, particularly your club and district members. Attach copies of useful materials from the convention. Submit an article about the convention to your club and district bulletin.
  • Expand your network. Meet everyone you can during and between programs. Each candidate, speaker and attendee has a specific area of expertise. Make a list of contacts. Exchange business cards. Plan meals with others and share information.
  • Present a post-convention speech to your club. (Make sure it's a manual speech.) It will help others appreciate why you're enthusiastic about our TI conventions and our Toastmasters programs. Share your action plan and put your new information to work for you and others immediately.

See you all at the Pansea 2002 in Kuala Lumpur
May 24th to 26th, 2002.

5 Main Reasons to be at KL2002

1. International President's attending the function
2. Dinners, lunches and tea breaks at no extra cost
3. Parliamentary procedure in action
4. Educational and motivational workshops for free
5. District International Speech Contest (contestants from 7 countries)


Tourism Malaysia

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lawrence Walter Ng

PENAC Group Sdn Bhd

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Palace of The Golden Horses,

cheewah.jpg (3778 bytes) Tham Chee Wah, DTM - Organizing Chairman, PanSea KL2002

Why is there a need to attend a Toastmasters Convention?

When you surround yourself with people from whom you can learn – instead of just people who are learning from you – you are more likely to grow. When you make friends in the most lively and exciting situation, you not only create an everlasting friendship, you tend to build a network. When you cannot read more than 10 books in a year, by attending just one convention, you are able to observe and learn from those who can. When more positive people gather in a convention who are dedicated to growth, then their values and priorities will encourage you and reinforce your desire to develop yourself.

faang.gif (6804 bytes) Kiang Faang Pyng - Advertising & Promotions Director / Opening Ceremony Director, PanSea KL2002

"We have a dream ... You bet we do!

That our dream will work hand in hand with the rest
To make the convention the best you can expect
Yes, the very best. And nothing but the best
The best in our pursuit to achieve our goals
The best in our quest for excellence
The best in our way to SEIZE THE DAY
The best in our journey to move beyond

Why does a District hold an annual convention?

  • To conduct the District Executive Committee meeting
  • To conduct the District Council Meeting
  • To present the report of the nominating Committee and hold the election of officers for the coming year
  • To provide training for members of the District Executive Committee and members
  • To present awards and recognition to individuals for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions
  • To install the newly elected District Officers
  • To conduct the International Speech Contest to select the District's representative at the Regional level

What do you get when you attend an annual convention:

  • Educational and Self-Development workshops and talks which you have the liberty to select a few to attend during the 3 day convention
  • Enjoy 2 evenings of fun and dance at the Welcome Nite Dinner and Installation Banquet
  • 4-Tea Breaks where we can relax and mix around with friends from 5 different countries
  • One Farewell Lunch at the end of the whole 3 day for you to wet your appetite and wet your eyes for Goodbyes

      Plus, you will also get to do the following:

  • Network with contacts from 7 countries
  • Make more friends from the 7 countries and from the participating Toastmasters from other countries
  • Observe how parliamentary procedure is carried out during meetings
  • Attend talks and workshops without paying anything extra
  • Learn new things
  • List more adventures
  • Find out what Toastmasters is all about
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