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9th District 51 Annual Convention
PanSea KL2002

PanSea KL2002
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Let's Get Connected With 1,000 delegates

An exciting 3-day convention program waiting for you.

Full Program


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Western Digital (M) Sdn Bhd

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LloydWest Sdn Bhd

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lawrence Walter Ng

PENAC Group Sdn Bhd

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Palace of The Golden Horses,

Sneak Preview
Friday 24 May 2002
7.00pm-12.00 midnight
Welcome Nite
Theme- "60's Comes Alive"

Cest la vie! Start preparing yourself with that bee-hive hair-do and white sensuous elbow-high silk glove, add on your Marilyn Monroe’s seductive mole, blink with Bette Davis killer eye lashes, at last, look totally innocent with Elizabeth Taylor’s sweet sixteen hues and cries.

For the gentlemen, search for your bell-bottom and swing your legs as Elvis Presley’s, gel up a curry-puff blob of hair like Marlon Brando, funk it with the coolest side-burn like James Dean , then tilt your body a little with that smirk like Gene Kelly and when you speak, the first sentence uttered, “ ya doin’....?”

* Please visit us again, there will be more updates on the full convention program

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