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mlk1.jpg (12651 bytes)There are several beautiful beaches in Malacca and a charming resort on Pulau Besar or Besar Island in the Straits of Malacca. The beaches at Klebang, Tanjung Kling, Pantai Kundor and Tanjung Bidara have fine white sands on the edge of sparkling blue seas.

Sit in the shade of the tall coconut palms and watch ships go by, in utter peace and serenity. A number of resorts have emerged along the coast, making it a popular seaside haven. In Malacca, history views the attractions of the sea, for your attention. So when you are around, do make a point of taking in some of the sights of this fascinating city steeped in history.

There are a number of seaside resorts along the coast where you can enjoy a few days of rest and recreation. Fill up your days with swimming, snorkelling and canoeing. Or just lie down in the shade of the swaying palms. If you have had enough of such activity, comb the beach for pretty sea-shells of every shape and hue.



Tanjung Bidara, located some 35km north of Malacca town commands a magnificent sweep of the coastline. The blue waters of the cove is ideal for swimming, water skiing and canoeing. There are also numerous shady spots for cosy picnics.

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The Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort offers 15 chalets and 50 motel rooms, (all air-conditioned) with rates beginning at RM 115.00. Facilities include a restaurant serving Malay, Chinese and Western cuisine, a lounge bar and swimming pool. There are also tennis courts, a games room and facilities for boating to keep you occupied.


Getting There

Malacca is accessible by road from Kuala Lumpur.

By Car
Take a leisurely one and a half hour’s drive down from Kuala Lumpur. Follow the Ayer Keroh Highway until the Alor Gajah intersection. From Alor Gajah, take the Lendu road to Masjid Tanah and Tanjung Bidara. This route takes you through rustic rural kampungs and picturesque padi fields.



mlk3.jpg (5817 bytes)Further down the coast is Pantai Kundur, approximately 17km from Malacca town. This beach is a favourite spot for swimming and picnicking. Nearby is a Malay fishing village with quaint ‘kelongs’ - wooden huts raised on stilts, over the water. Fishermen suspend their nets from poles near the ‘kelongs’ and periodically lower them to net a passing shoal.

The Patt Hup bus passes by this stretch on its way to Tanjung Bidara.



Approximately 10km from Malacca town is Tanjung Kling another beautiful stretch of white sandy beach set within a coconut palm grove. This is another favourite beach for swimming and picnicking.

The Shah’s Beach Resort offers 50 air-conditioned kampung style chalets with rates beginning from RM 100.00. A swimming pool and recreational facilities are also available. The restaurant serves Chinese and Western cuisine.



Further down the coast, nearer to Malacca town are the beaches of fine white sand at Klebang. This picturesque stretch is dotted with foodstalls selling a variety of local fare. The blue waters is ideal for swimming.

The Patt Hup bus passes by this stretch on its way to Tanjung Bidara.



On the beaches of Pernu and Serkam, approximately 10km and 15km respectively from Malacca, on the road to Muar in the south, are stalls offering the local favourite - fresh grilled fish. Pick your own fish and savour the delightful flavour of fish grilled over a charcoal fire.

Sample some of the local dishes like ‘satay’ and ‘rojak’ and wash it all down with ice-cold sugar-cane juice or coconut water. The delightful aroma of the grilled fish and the rustic kampung environment in the sultry sunset is guaranteed to work up your appetite. These spots attract large crowds usually after 6.00pm.

To get there, board the Tuah bus at the terminal in Malacca.



Pulau Besar is located about 3 nautical miles off Pengkalan Pernu at Umbai, 10km south of mlk4.jpg (5453 bytes)Malacca town. Those in search of fresh air, sandy beaches and tranquillity will be entranced by the unspoilt natural beauty of the island. It also abounds with intriguing legends and sacred graves and shrines. There is an island resort with beach chalets, a yacht club and a host of sea - based sporting facilities. The island is ideal for swimming, fishing, snorkelling, camping and picnicking.

The Pandanusa Island resort, located on the magical island of Pulau Besar off the coast of Malacca, is designed with traditional charm of a native Malay village. Every room and chalet has a private balcony with a view of the Straits of Malacca and the mainland.

The resort offers various fun-filled activities including trekking, snorkelling, water scootering, island hopping and yachting. It also offers an 18-hole championship course for golfing buffs.

Getting There

The journey by boat from the Pengkalan Pernu jetty takes approximately 45 minutes.


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