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     Genting Highlands
is the first on the scene, in the world of Malaysia theme park entertainment, a highland resort about 51 km northeast of Kuala Lumpur. Carved out of the Ulu Kali mountain range at 2000 metres above sea level the hill resort soon acquired the tag 'City of Entertainment' with its range of entertainment. Cool mountain air further added to its lure as a place to get away from it all and be transported into a world of excitement.    
     Genting Highlands, a magnificent city on the hilltop, is but a mere 50km from Kuala Lumpur. It offers a cool respite from the hustle and bustle of the city capital. Crisp invigorating mountain air complemented by majestic scenery spreads out before your eyes. Lush green tropical rainforest shrouded in a veil of perpetual mist makes it hard to believe that you are just minutes away from the sweltering equatorial heat and the ever dusty city. Here, consistent temperatures between 16 and 23 degrees provide natural air conditioning.
     Genting Highlands Resort offers the bountiful harvest of nature together with a staggering potpourri of international standard facilities. Besides the cool air and scenic surroundings, this hilltop city also houses the country's one and only casino. However, one should not underestimate its value as this casino has been featured in many films produced by Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even Hollywood. Besides the casino, this hilltop resort also has a theme park of its own and an entertainment center.

Getting to Genting...

      By Car: Genting Highlands can be reached from Kuala Lumpur via the faster Karak Highway or the slower old Pahang Road (Route 68). The latter passes by Mimaland, which may be a good place to stop by before proceeding to Genting Highlands.
     By Bus: The Genting Express Bus leaves every hour from the Puduraya Bus Station in Kuala Lumpur. Genting also offers limousines, coaches and helicopter services for charter.

Genting's Hotel

Awana Genting Highlands

Genting Hotel

Kayangan Apartments

Resort Hotel

Ria Apartments

Theme Park Hotel

Genting Theme Park

t Indoor Section

     Theme parks offer a trip into a world of fantasy, excitement and adventure. This is where senses are stimulated, as you are jolted into electrifying entertainment hour after hour. You can live out your fantasies in virtual reality as you bump and twist through the darkness of the galaxy, or fool your senses into believing you are part of a power-charged live action scene. Heroes and villains come alive in thrilling games. Roller coasters loop and twirl at terrifying speed as thrill-seekers find themselves, for a moment, free from the daily routine of life and be transported into a world of make-believe.

     A unique entertainment concept in the leisure and entertainment, theme parks are getting more and more exciting as thrill seekers demand more. Malaysia's ranges of theme parks generally combine a mixture of water activities, adventure, futuristic experiences, games, rides and sometimes just a place for relaxation and sightseeing. Being fun places they form a lively venue for corporate family days, special events, launches, stage shows and promotional activities. Many tour operators seeking to perk up a tour package include a visit or two to a theme park to enable clients enjoy unrestrained fun activities.

     For those feeling uneasy about theme parks' daredevil rides, it may be reassuring to know that theme parks in the Klang Valley have to conform with the requirements stipulated under the Factory and Machinery Act 1967. Operators are expected to keep records on maintenance and inspection of fun ride equipment. They are also required to train operators so that they are skilled in handling the games equipment.

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