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The Malaysian-style village of Cherating is located 50km from Kuantan and is set on a stunning bay amidst 200 acres of luxurious, verdant parkland.
The Village is abundant with exotic flora and fauna - wild orchids and exotic birds, multicolored butterflies and even families of monkeys have made their home there.

The architecture is of loyal style, design and inspiration, and most of the buildings are wooden and set on stilts.
A vast swimming pool is at the center of the village where you can mix and mingle with a cosmopolitan, largely Asian clientele.
Children are more than welcome from 2 years old at the Children's Club where they'll have a whale of a time.





Foremost among Cherating's attractions is the rustic atmosphere and warm hospitality of the village folk who usually play host to its visitors. To enjoy this friendly environment, you can arrange to stay at inexpensive village hut.

Cherating also offers the opportunity to shop for souvenirs and to see how village maidens nimbly weave pandanus leaves into maps, hats, bags and other handicrafts.





Getting There....
Visitors to Cherating should make prior arrangements with the hotels for pick-up services at Kuantan town or from the airport. Traveling by taxi or self-drive car are the most practical modes of the transportation to reach Cherating.
Any express or local bus between Kuala Terengganu and Kuantan will drop you off at Cherating, which lies within easy walking distance. Two rough tracks lead from the road down into the main part of the village, about five minutes' away although the one nearest the bridge is the most direct.


Cherating has no shortage of places to stay and new accommodation is springing up all the time. Some aren't yet on the phone;the best are listed below.

Greenleaves Inn (010/33708242)
The Legend Resort (09/581 9818, fax 581 9400)
Mak Long Teh's (09/581 9290)
Ranting Beach Resort (09/581 9068)