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Encounter the aviary wild life experience at Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. A short distance walk from the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Farm, you will come across the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park which houses more than 50 species of exotic birds flying freely in the enclosed paradise. If you are a nature lover it would be an experience to be able to feel and see these colourful birds living in its natural habitats, flying around freely within the beautifully landscaped cavern. Among the species variety are Hornbill, Hawk, Eagles, Vultures, Peacocks and some 50 other more species that can also be found within its vicinity. One of the largest bird parks in the region, the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park houses over 5,000 birds, with 90% local and 10% imported from overseas. The park spans 2-8 hectares of free flight aviary and 5 hectares devoted specifically to the birds in this park.

Bird-watching is common here where the flora and fauna is rich yet mysteriosly hides the birds from the naked eye of the beholder. A simple pair of binoculars will enable you to catch sight of the spiecies of your interest.The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park has earned the reputition among those who are keen on the study of birds in their natural habitat. Some of them include research scientist who monitor bird nests for the study of behavioral patterns.On a warm sunny day, one can even here the sound of bird chicks chirping away to get their parents attention or for more food in the nest.

During the tour, you will notice that there are miniature lakes that are frequently used by the Flamingo, Crane, Peking Duck and Swan species for food hunting or leisure. Around these lakes, are many huts designed for picnickers or lovebirds on the romantic pursuit. There is also a special park intended for the free roaming habitat of the Hornbill species with a lake attached to the landscape. Since the Hornbill species is less mobile than other species, this location is perfect for them to maintain a permanent residence without intrusion from rival species. A walk through the park will certainly be a rewarding experience since the landscape that beautifies the park is meant to be as natural as can be. It is expected that you will find not only harmony but also the sound of symphony from the wing-spanned residents at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.

Open :
Opening Hours : 9am-5pm
Admission : RM 3 ( Adult ), RM 1 ( Children )
Location : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
                 Jalan Cenderawasih,
                 Taman Tasik Perdana,
                 50480 Kuala Lumpur

How to get there
By Bus : Intrakota 21A, 21D
By Car : refer to map Kuala Lumpur

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The roads on the map :

Jalan Cenderawasih
Jalan Persiaran Mahameru
Jalan Tembusu
Jalan Kebun Bunga
Jalan Cenderamulia
Jalan Parlimen
Jalan Perdana
Jalan Damansara
Jalan Kelantan

The places on the map :

Places Name


Carcosa Seri Negara
Panggung Anniversari
Hibiscus Garden
Deer Park
Orchid Park
Bird Park
Tun Abdul Razak Memorial
Royal Malayisan Police Museum

Recreational Park
Recreational Park
Recreational Park
Recreational Park
Memorial Park